Silicon Thin Films and Nanostructures

2005-2011 Center of nanotechnology and materials for nanoelectronics, Basic research center (LC530)


2006-2011 Structures for nanophotonics and nanoelectronics“ (STRUNA), Basic research center (LC06040) – together with Institute of Physical Engineering, Brno University of Technology


2009-2012 PolySiMode (Improved Polycrystalline-Silicon Modules on Glass Substrates), Specific programme 1 (SP1)-Cooperation, Collaborative project FP7-Energy-2009-1, Grant Agreement Number 240826


2009-2013 Fyzika nanostruktur, Doctoral project Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, 202/09/H0041


2010-2011 Study of nanostructured heterogeneous materils using scanning probe microscopy methods, KONTAKT MEB 061012 project of Ministry of education, youth and sports, Cooperation with the laboratory of Prof. Christian Teichert, Montan University Leoben, project administered by AIP.


2010-2012 joint research with VAST, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, priority topics:
Study and development of alternative possibilities for doping thin films based on hydrogenated silicon
Evaluation of the band of maximum annual energy gain in the solar enery spectrum for design of optimal solar cells on the basis of hydrogenated silicon and organic materials


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